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3 & 4 years integrated Program for students moving from class VIII to IX , & IX to X

As a student step in 9th class after completing their 8th, that point become an important turning point of their career. That’s the time, when a foundation is being laid down for the strong and bright future. Therefore, the decision that has been made should be a thoughtful and well reverse judgment.; In today's scenario of cut-throat competition, it is essential to start our homework as early as possible and prepare our selves mentally as well as to frame our step by step planning in our mind to achieve it. However the new pattern of CBSE 10th board exam is relatively less important but for the competitive exams such as NTSE, KVPY, Olympiad, Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams it is essential that the candidate should start preparing from 9th class onwards. Delay in this concern may lead to weak educational foundation of your child. In today's era every guardian/parent are very much concern regarding their children's career. In bigger cities parents are so serious about it that from 9th class they make their children a part of such a system where they can get a proper guidelines for their career, but small or under developed cities are still lacking with this awareness.

In these cities most of the parents send their ward for such educational institute after completing 10th and 12th class. But till then, they get late, because the students that are preparing for the same competition from 9th class with all their concentration, better planning resources and under proper guidance are proved to be more talented and meritorious than the student who join it later on. The students who prepare from 9th class for their upcoming competitive exam keeping it in their mind perform better in their class than other students. Subjective knowledge of such students are very strong and they become more proficient than the average students in solving such problems. And therefore it becomes crucial to design the schooling of students in such a manner that helps them to qualify in above mentioned competitive exam. 

Quality school education plays an important role in children's career. Not only for medical and engineering entrance exam but for more other professional career as well a strong foundation is required. And thus taking into consideration all these aspects, first time in Agra, Baluni Classes has initiated with a well planned and systematic quality education system. It is the need of the hour that without wasting even a single minute, we should get start with better strategy and well equipped ourselves against the challenges ahead. Here it has been well explained below about the traditional educational system and modern educational system. 

Traditional Methodology :

In this system most of the students moving in 9th class take the help of tuition classes of different subjects by different teachers. Most of them take the tuition from the same school teacher in which they are studying. They focuses on academic studies. In this system they repeat the same topic in their tuition classes which they are studying in school period. But we think the students should utilize this surplus evening time in preparing competitive exam so that they can get better result. It is not wise step to repeat the same content once in school classes and second time in tuition classes. Strategically one should focus academic study in school period and concentrate on deep study keeping in mind the different competitive exam in the evening time. It will save both time and energy and the student can experience better performance in their school too. In other words after school classes the student should concentrate on preparation of competitive exam with full efficiency and energy.

Today transport is problem of major concern. In our opinion the condition of road transport is matter of great concern and the most unsafe medium of transport specially in our country. In most of the cases the student avail tuition classes of different subjects at different places at different time. The student have to catch different classes on proper time with punctuality and regularity. It create difficulties to the parent part also. At this age group it is risky to provide any type of vehicle to the student because they are not mature enough to understand the things. They are reckless towards their responsibility and not able to discriminate between right and wrong way to handle the problem. For guardian part also it is impractical to manage private vehicle for their child.

In the wake of above discussion now the question arise what is proper and due solution to these problems ? In this regard Baluni Classes here is to provide some unique and amazing planning which will be proved as the mile stone in school education. The soul of this scheme is to make the students prepared for the competitive exam right from the 9th classes.

The Present Situation :

Presently in IIT-JEE the attempt is limited for two chances and these two attempts should be in consequent year starting from the year when the students appear in their 12th board exam (both CBSE & ISC Board). Suppose a student fail to qualify in IIT-JEE in their first attempt in the year when he appear in their respective 12th board exam. He then have to enjoy 2nd attempt in very next coming year without any gap. In IIT-JEE final merit list is prepared with some weightage of 12th board marks also. Similarly in several Medical College Entrance Exam the attempt is limited with their upper qualifying age limit also. There is certain upper age limit in different Medical College Entrance Exam. Therefore the student don't get sufficient time to make them prepare for these competitive exam. Hence to get qualify in these exam. The students have to start their target oriented preparation right from when they move in their 9th class. Several alert parents have make their efforts begin in this direction but most of the parents are not determining their line of action. They are indecisive at this junction. So keeping in mind students of this zone Baluni Classes organized a work-shop and executed the programme with complete Planning is here.

1. In this programme the student is not required to leave their school. They can continue their study in their respective school but still can avail this facility provided under this programme.

2. Every year from April to June in most of the school there is summer break or there is slow pace regarding progress of syllabus of the different subject. Our institute utilize this leisure period which is unique feature of this programme. In the tenure of these three months by providing extra class and faculty members the institute cover and finish about eighty percent syllabus in each and every subject. The student get extra advantage because in this period the institute take the service of expert faculty in each subject. It covers the deep preparation of the concerned subject. When school re-opens in next two months remaining twenty percent syllabus is covered and in consequent months Subject Upgradation Programme (SUP) is started in which syllabus in every subject is upgraded keeping in mind the competitive exam. Under this programme in following months the complete syllabus is revised under Whole syllabus revision scheme (WSRS). Really incredible feature is that all these programme are executed and completed under the supervision of experts in each subject. As a result the student performance is excellent in academic studies as well as they qualify in different competitive exam.

3. Weekly 3 days classes are organized from 3.30 to 7 PM i.e. student can join this class after their school timing. • Transport facilities are provided free of cost by the institute making the parents tension free for their ward regarding their safety. Our transport fleet is there to pick up your ward right from your home on time and will safely drop them return home after completion of the classes.

4. Another feature of this programme is–As every student takes study in their respective school and after that they take study in this system for extensive and comprehensive competitive exam, this helps them strengthening their skill and make them achieve the zenith of success.

5. One of the best facilities provided to the students here is that they will be provided extra attention and tuition for every subject under one roof.

6. In this system special attention is given to Maths and Science classes which help student to achieve success in various competitive exams. The whole system is designed and framed in such a way that it will help student generating interest in their studies rather than taking it as a burden.

7. Time to time Test Series are planned to evaluate the performance of the students. And if any lacuna is observed in any subject or topic, that can redeemed under the adequate guidance of expert faculty member within the time limit. Even minor mistakes will be traced out by the institute and can be corrected by the system. Generally it is noticed that the student preparing for competitive exam right from their 9th class proved to be more efficient in their subject and perform upto mark in these competitive exam.

Concept Building

Batch wise classes are held in morning & evening sessions for both English & Hindi medium students in air-Conditioner, stair cased spacious lecture theatres with high quality audio system.

Lecture classes

Lectures of 120 / 90 minutes each, are designed according to the pattern and level of AIPMT and delivered by our esteem faculties.

Revision classes

Revision classes of selected topics are arranged regularly for the benefit of students.


Special AIIMS Preparation Session (Lecture Classes + Tests)

This session is organised in duration between AIPMT & AIIMS exam -(depends on exams date). Allen Sanchar, A&R Question booklet of AIIMS and General Knowledge Question Bank supports students to achieve their success in AIIMS.

Intelligent Test System

Periodic Tests are taken regularly to give ample practice to the students as to respond promptly to tricky questions and manage speed and time to help them to self evaluate for AIPMT and to identify weak area.

Minor Test

These tests are more confined to the topics which are currently taught at that time.

Major Test

These tests are conducted after completion of syllabus to give final touch to the main exam.

Board Pattern Test

Are designed according to the Board syllabus to ensure best performance of students in their Board exams.

Smart Study Material

RACE - Regular Analysis through Continuous Exercise

Every topic is subsequently supported by a Regular Analysis through Continuous Exercise which is bunch of multi-conceptual problems design to give in-depth understanding to the subject& improved speed through practice.

Topicwise Subject Modules

BALUNI CLASSES provides Modules which is topic wise booklet design according to the syllabus of AIPMT consisting of different exercises containing different types of conceptual, tricky & brain storming questions covering all the possible arena of the problems which may be asked in forth coming exams including previous year’s AIPMT questions.

Question Banks

Regularly topic wise questions banks are distributed to students in each subject for ample practice which help them in gaining confidence & command on individual topics.

Hand books of Physics, Chemistry and Biology

containing all important formulae and concepts.

Topic wise last ten years CBSE

questions and their solutions for Hindi subjects.

Topic wise last ten years AIPMT

Questions and their solutions for all subjects.


important questions and their solutions for board preparation.

Additional Features

A special dedicated SRG Group consisting of Top 5 to 30 students is formed to provide concentrated efforts, highest academic and administrative care to produce top ranks. Workshops for KVPY, OLYMPIAD and other competitive exams are organized. Science Practical Classes are held in well equipped laboratories.

Student Mentorship Programme BALUNI CLASSES-(BALUNI CLASSES Care Unit)

We are even alert about the various academic & administrative problems of our students for which we have designed an escort team of our faculty members and administrative staff so as to make the students feel at home away from home.