Know Our JEE Main Advance Division


Every child is a gift and our JEE Main Advance division helps them to bloom. The division is taking care of JEE Main Advance MAIN and all other pre engineering exam including state level exams. Here, we start with making student's fundamentals strong and continuously move on converting them into the epitome of success by polishing up their skills, enhancing their knowledge and improving upon their presence of mind.

We have transformed exhaustive learning process into fun; concepts are simplified to the ground level to help them in their learning throughout their lives. We are also committed to provide the most intellectual and best teaching brains to these students who assist them to inculcate reasonable thinking.

On one hand it deals with the completion of syllabus thoroughly and conduction of test series to check the level of preparation and progress of students on the other hand it also provides relevant assistance in selecting the right college and specialization according to one's abilities and interests in accordance with the scope of the stream.


Multitude of highly qualified and experienced faculty members dedicate their skills and time for students. Students with zeal to prove their mettle are appreciated and given special privileges, so we insist on developing a platform that reduces the complexity involved in the process of creating a responsible technical mind.

We are anted up to exploit on the strengths of each of our students to the hilt and to divert each of their weakness into positive direction. We impart the knowledge they need and also instill a value system.

Along with these parameters students moves forward in achieving success in JEE Main Advance Main Advance to accomplish selection with starry heights, with thoughts of prosperity and or their career at large. At BALUNI CLASSES the ways to career in engineering are made simple.